Commands to chat

@lgp (or @m2e) disable/enable special ground skill effects
@emergencycall skill emergencycall (only guild master)
@refresh refresh screen
@restock select the desired supplies from kafra
@noscream block skill messages from clown/gypsy
@norecall disable/enable emergencycall on this char
@skilldelay show server and real skill delay
@dps show dps
@accept accept duel (fight with a player/players)
@away, @aw <message> auto-reply to private messages
@commands lists all the commands that you can use
@duel <name> invite the player to a duel
@changeleader <player name> change the leaders of the party
@invite <player name> invite player to duel
@iteminfo id / name (@ii) display information about an item
@leave leave duel
@memo (0-2) list all saved memo, with the number of overwrites certain memo
@mobinfo id / name (@monsterinfo, @mi) receive information about monster
@noask block duel offers
@reject decline an invitation to a duel
@time, @date list current time of server
@uptime list how long the server is running without rebooting
@afk message it disconnect you and your character willstay with a short message in the game
@ws display statistics from GW
@guildhp show HP of all guild members

Date Modified : 05-14-22